We build mountains underwater so that others can see the tip of the iceberg. To keep momentum, we must continually reduce uncertainty.

October 2022

What do you want, what's next, and what do you recommend?

September 2022

Abstractions, technical debt and crunch.

August 2022

Thinking about products, your team and even your house.
Leading indicators, lagging indicators, and tomatoes.
The inevitable, handoffs, and contracting.

July 2022

Fast-paced blurs, brag documents, and newsletters.
A model, a process and a habit.
Let's look at motivation, craft, opportunity and taking ownership.
My most commonly asked question. The answer may be more straightforward than you think.

May 2022

As I was finishing writing Effective Remote Work, I started working for Shopify. One of the key reasons that I was attracted to the company—aside from…
Recently I was fortunate enough to have a great discussion with Suzan Bond about my latest book, Effective Remote Work, and on remote working in…