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The Engineering Manager is written by James Stanier as a collection of thoughts, stories, and resources on the subject of engineering management.

It is intended to inform and entertain, providing hands-on tutorials for new managers, along with occasional book reviews, interviews, and articles that explore both the art and science of being an effective manager.

Years ago, when first becoming a manager in a technology company, James found the lack of resources alarming: how should he be doing his job? How will he know that he is succeeding? Just what exactly is a manager meant to be doing all day? That spawned the site, which in turn spawned the books.

This newsletter exists to serve the engineering community: from those that are managers or are wanting to become one, through to those just interested in the profession. We hope that it can have a positive impact on the day to day lives of the millions of engineers worldwide.

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Director of Engineering at Shopify. Wrote two books: "Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager" and "Effective Remote Work". Working on another one.