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Great article. The first time I even thought about my peer group, was when I read 'The 5 dysfunctions of a team'.

It mentioned an interesting phenomena. When asking managers, "who is on your team"?

Everybody starts listing their subordinates, never their peers.

But a strange picture emerges if we go from the top of the pyramid down.

- The CEO's team is the executives.

- Each executive's team is with their subordinates

- e.g., the VP R&D's team is the team leaders.

- Each team leader's team is his developers.

This structure causes a 'silos' work - no knowledge sharing and ineffective communication.

Great framework for 'attacking' this problem!

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Thank you for writing this and giving ideas to try. Gonna spread the word.

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This is real world case. Good advices that I'll try to follow up! Thanks!

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Thank you to Nik for spotting a typo, which I've now fixed!

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