The contracts part very much remind me of data contracts written by Yali Sassoon https://datacreation.substack.com/p/why-data-contracts-are-obviously

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by James Stanier

Thanks James, my team has been given a bag full of uncertainties and these guidelines will surely help us to reduce it.

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Hey James! I love the article and how you nicely grouped all of these concepts under a single, common thread, represented by the post title. I didn't thought about it that way before.

I wonder if you could elaborate more in the future about architecture prototyping, especially how to effectively avoid the corners you've mentioned without falling into the rabbit holes of breaking KISS and YAGNI. I feel that on the early phases of building a feature, due to uncertainty still being high, it's difficult to establish what the obvious additions may be.

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