I remember I picked up your book when I was searching for something that gives me pragmatic insights into the day to day of engineering managers and it rightly served the purpose.

Fast forward after 4 years, I'm writing a book for engineering managers, out to tell a story to the world, in my own words.

You're absolutely right. Engineering Management is an intricate subject and everyone's perspectives bring unique style and it's not at all a binary.

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Sep 12, 2023Liked by James Stanier

Really enjoyed this one, thanks James!

Excited for the new book!

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Phenomenal write-up, James. As usual.

I'm stoked for the new book for two reasons: first, because if the first two are any indication, the third one can only be great—and likely even better; and because the topic itself is indeed the biggest gap I see in the tech leadership realm.

In fact, I have been toying with this very idea for ages, but never got over the hump. I hope your new book is the first of many such looks on a role I've done myself and which can be both super rewarding and mind-boggling at the same time. :)

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